#151 Infinity Studios - League of Legends Fiora 리그오브레전드 피오라 1:4 스태츄

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 Infinity Studios - League of Legends Fiora 리그오브레전드 피오라 1:4 스태츄 

The Grand Duelist - Fiora Laurent Quarter Scale Statue of League of Legends is officially announced! This is the second time Infinity Studio collaborated with Riot Games in statues.

Fiora points her sword forward with her eyes staring firmly and gallantly, showcasing a heroic and valiant posture. We integrated the design elements of Demacia into the overall scene and the base, reflecting not only the origin of the character but also the prestige of glory that have been blessed to her.

This statue represents the character image in the game perfectly, and reveals in tangible detail the story of Fiora Laurent to collectors through vividly delicate designs!

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